Barcelona Pay for Sloppy Finish

Published on 13-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Barcelona Pay for Sloppy Finish

The last thing that Barcelona need right now is loss of focus.

They squandered a two-goal lead and wound up settling for a 2-2 sister-kisser that keeps Sevilla unbeaten at home.

As usual, Barça and Real Madrid are duking it out for the league title. This draw means that the Blaugrana only hold a slender two-point lead over their Castilian rivals now.

The day started with a bright sun accentuating the glare on that South Beach-themed kit the league leaders trotted out. Perhaps sunglasses woulda helped Sevilla's defenders keep better track of where Messi was:

If Ronaldo’s all about power, then Messi is all about finesse.

The glare got even brighter for Barça, as Neymar netted a superb freekick.

Such goals are the reason why he's the man, according to the footballing god hizzownself, Pelé.

The quality of Barça’s attack isn't matched by its defense, though. Sevilla soon answered back through Éver Banega:

Neymar’s free kick brilliance seems a bit dull after this strike.

Barcelona didn't park the bus like most clubs would, but their arrogance took a big hit when they conceded in the late stages:

Don't come across too many French dudes named Kevin -- or Kévin, en français --

Whatever the problem is, they have to sort it out and now. Maybe Crockett and Tubbs can investigate the case.