Barcelona Kisses Its Treble Dreams Goodbye

Published on 14-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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Barcelona Kisses Its Treble Dreams Goodbye

It just takes one bad night to go from treble to terrible.

Barcelona crashed back to earth when Atlético Madrid knocked them out of the Champions League competition with a 2-0 victory and 3-2 aggregate scoreline.

First, a loss in El Clásico, and now this. Yes, we're talking about Barça, the favorites anywhere they appear.

This must be why favorites actually have to play the games.

The sudden rise of Antoine Griezmann has been felt by many, but now, mostly by Barcelona:

Whoa! When did Barça start to give out free space?

Andrés Iniesta, the Catalans' maestro, then decided to take matters into his own hands. Literally:

Seems Atlético has seen enough of the Blaugrana to not be swayed by their mystique. As further proof of this, they unleashed Griezmann’s brilliance once more:

With local rivals Real Madrid pulling off a great comeback, the cross-towners matched it with a great upset.

Seems all districts in Spain's capital are dancing for joy.

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