Barcelona Checks the Copa Del Rey Off It's To-Do List

Published on 31-May-2015 by srijan213

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Barcelona Checks the Copa Del Rey Off It's To-Do List

Barcelona has had one hell of a season.

First, the league title. Maybe soon, the Champions League crown. For now, the Copa Del Rey.

In defeating Bilbao's Athletic Club, 1-3, Barça's treble hopes are still alive.

MSNThe Catalan side are in presence of possibly the best trio in history, the unfortunately-named MSN. However, they did provide windows to the world as to how magnificent this game can be. And new versions of their prowess keep on coming.

With that sort of talent, the Barça attack had no option but to be solid, and its defense was steady. Now, that’s the kind of patented formulat for greatness that every manager wants.

The Copa match saw its first goal personify everything that makes them spectacular:

Lionel Messi was in godlike mode to beat that many players and then score such a screamer.

The next came from a page right out of the old book of Barcelona. Tiki-Taka, but a quicki-quicka:

Not even a tiny bit of selfishness between the players. Señor Enrique must be very proud.

Messi, as is his wont, stepped up again and may have secured first place for the Ballon d’Or with this one.

Barcelona are truly playing quick football. Perhaps the planet's quickest.

Athletic did get its consolation goal:

But Messi had already stolen the show.

If Barça stays in this groove, Juventus will be in tough when they meet in Berlin.