Barcelona Blasts Espanyol in Copa del Rey Play

Published on 7-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Barcelona Blasts Espanyol in Copa del Rey Play

It's just not that hard for the megabrands to use only eligible players in games like this.


Easily clearing that regulatory hurdle, Barcelona just easily brushed aside Espanyol, 4-1, on the first leg their of Copa del Rey pairing.

Barça figured it would be business as usual, and though it ultimately was, they needed an alarm bell to go off first.

Felipe Caicedo wasn't get intimidated by Barça's big-name defenders, as he calmly set about his own business:

Maybe Gerrard Piqué should tweet about this, now.

Whenever there's a problem, Barcelona tend to find a solution. More often than not, its name is Lionel Messi:

Ultradude rarely misses one-on-one chances.

And Messi wasn't done showcasing himself. He had another treat for the paying customers:

Even Mother Nature sends her regards through the winds for Señor Messi.

When he's not scoring goals, he's creating them.

Piqué never minds assuming a striker’s role, as is the case for most defenders.

Then came the coup de grace of the match, featuring the dynamic duo Messi and Neymar.

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