Barça's Incredible Unbeaten Run Now at 36 Straight

Published on 7-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Barça's Incredible Unbeaten Run Now at 36 Straight

Who do Barcelona think they are? FC Bayern?

Or maybe that's the other way around.

The German powerhouse has usually turned the Bundesliga into a one-horse race by now and is working on the following season, but they can look mortal among their big-brand peers in international club competition.

Not so the Blaugrana.

The La Liga race is usually a close fight, but this time, Barça has blasted away any chance of rebellion from the opposition.

La Liga

Yesterday's speed bump was Eibar. The 0-4 scoreline was a virtual understatement.

Barça wasted no time, either, as youngster Munir El Haddadi tapped in an easy one eight minutes into the proceedings:

Then came the god of goals, Lionel Messi:

Dude's aim is true yet again.

Messi’s brilliance then earned him a penalty and, eventually, his second:

Cristiano Ronaldo isn't the only one with spot kick skills.

Luis Suárez is a brilliant player, of course, and his goal spoke volumes in support:

So much power in the Barcelona lineup. Is there anything this crew can't defeat?

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