Baggies Bow to Manchester City’s Attack

Published on 29-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Baggies Bow to Manchester City’s Attack

Manchester City have no intention of abandoning the Premiership title race.

As if there was any doubt, they made that emphatically clear with an impressive 3-1 win over West Brom Albion.

Artistically speaking, the Citizens were so pleasing to the eye in this match, they gave every appearance of being the only side actually capable of snatching Chelsea’s title hopes away.

They didn't need any assistance, but the Baggies provided some, anyway. Their sluggish performance aided City’s first goal of the three. Fernandinho was the beneficiary.

Memo to Albion 'keeper Ben Foster: Dude, if you can’t catch it, punch it! Maybe you're not aware of this.

City also had the aid of an ex-Mancunian, Joleon Lescott, as he gave away a penalty. The transfer was in fact a good deal for the Sky Blues.

Yaya just doesn’t miss those, even when the 'keeper judges it.

City’s third goal was all about classic play and no assistance from the Baggies’ side.

Yes, Silva makes it look so easy. But, yo! Back four! If that's all you're gonna do, buy tickets next time.

Then, when all hope on the day was lost for the Baggies, at least they found some joy in the snow.

Or should we say, joy from the snow.