The Table Turns on Atlético Madrid

Published on 16-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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The Table Turns on Atlético Madrid

Just when everything feels great, stuff happens.

Atlético thought their season was firing on all cylinders, and then, a misfire. Celta de Vigo stunned them with a 2-0 decision.

Call it a trap game. After Diego Simone’s men administered a humiliating 4-0 beatdown to rivals Real Madrid and had everyone’s hopes up -- even daring to dream of a league title -- a pin labelled Os Celestes popped their balloon.

And no, the match didn't see a Fernando-Torres first-minute special at the start. Must've been an omen.

Usually, underdogs jump in front with their favorite weapon of choice, the penalty. So, the usual happened:

Pure vanilla. Always looks good when the goalie goes the other way.

asleepThe second Vigo goal was embarrassing, making the Los Colchoneros look like they were still on asleep on their collective colchón even though their services were required.

Gettin' no love that way:

Fabián Orellana did brilliantly to find a lane for his volley, but still.

It was that kind of day for the perennial pretenders to La Liga's title chase.

That means it's likely back to the traditional two way race for the Spanish crown. This slip has puts Atlético seven points from the leaders and six points from the runner-up spot. That may not sound like much, but given the two sides involved, it is. Both of them won't lose their form at the same time.

Atletico Madrid need to get themselves up now.

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