Atlético Madrid? They're a Barça Brush-Off

Published on 18-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Atlético Madrid? They're a Barça Brush-Off

It's a Catalan v Castilian clash that gets second billing, but it's still one of the more entertaining match-ups in La Liga each season.

But, the latest edition turned out the usual way: Atlético Madrid were defeated, 1-2, by mighty Barcelona.

Atlético did think they were on their way to an eagerly awaited win against Barça, but no.

Fernando Torres -- who was a Chelsea flop -- instantly became an Atlético hero by finding the back of Barcelona net and giving the home side hope:

Now, that is some clinical finishing.

But there was a time when Torres couldn't even score into an empty net:

Barcelona quickly fixed their deficit, compliments of Neymar:

Dude's a free kick specialist in his own right.

No chance, 'keeper. No chance.

Barcça then did what they do best, passing to death until someone decides to score:

Lionel Messi never misses a goal from that close.