Atlético Madrid Find Yet Another Gem in Griezmann

Published on 20-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Atlético Madrid Find Yet Another Gem in Griezmann

Safe to say the crew playing by the banks of the Rio Manzanares -- for now -- knows a thing or two about strikers.

Their list of the stars is long, and it just got longer.

Antoine Griezmann has been found and created by Atlético Madrid into a future gem.

The flying Frenchman was the dude against Deportivo over the weekend, scoring both goals as Los Colchoneros registered a 1-2 victory.

His first justified the fans' price of a ticket. It was a stunning, left-footed bicycle kick that -- had it not been witnessed by the entire stadium -- could've been passed off as CGI:

The second might not have had the degree of difficulty, but it still counted the same:

That left foot is an absolute rocket launcher.

Fernando Torres must be taking notes. If not, he should be.

The likes of Falcao, Diego Costa, Forlán, and Agüero have all embraced the Colchoneros shirt, and now in the absence of Mario Mandžukić, Griezmann is soaking up all the responsibility and fulfilling it.

And in the holy words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben:

So, none of this:

And more of this:

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