Atlético Madrid De-Champions Another Juggernaut

Published on 4-May-2016 by srijan213

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Atlético Madrid De-Champions Another Juggernaut

This is a club that's an underdog in its own city.

But Atlético never thinks of itself that way.

And it's doubful FC Bayern ever did.

The perennial Bundesliga champions couldn't keep the Rojiblancos off the scoresheet in this second-leg Champions League semi-final tie, and the 2-1 result sent Atlético to the final on the 2-2 aggregate.

Bayern couldn't say they didn't have their chance to put the visitors away, though.

At first, it appeared the side Germans like to call FC Hollywood was up to the task. That came on the half-hour via the talents of Xabi Alonso:

Damn! Dude coulda put that through a brick wall.

Here's where Bayern ultimately blew it. Incredibly, Thomas Müller must've gotten stage fright:

Given that opening, Atlético’s savior, Antoine Greizmann, cashed in what turned out to be the priceless away goal that would decide this matter.

Other sides could learn a thing or two about team play from this crew.

Bayern’s goal machine, Robert Lewandowski, snatched the lead again with his tiger-like instincts:

Fernando Torress could've put the game to bed, but he apparently thought otherwise:

Two misses from the spot in a pairing of this caliber!

At least one of them can laugh about it.

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