Arsenal Were Simply the Better Reds

Published on 6-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Were Simply the Better Reds

Arsenal staged a top-class performance against the promising Reds from Merseyside.

The Gunners pounded the ‘Pool, 4-1, in this showdown at the Emirates Stadium.

The talk for Arsenal has always been the same. Can they sustain their form? The North Siders are never short on talent but are on consistency. They play the most beautiful football -- if not the best -- in the Premiership, but it comes with more than the occasional dip in their performance.

However, Liverpool didn't see one on this day.

Each of the four Gunner goals had an oomph factor to it. Any could have been the goal of the match.

Candidate No 1 came from Héctor Bellerin:

He passed through the ‘Pool's defense like a ghost through a wall, and the finish was just exquisite.

Candidate No 2 was Mesut Özil. It was about time to see more of a return on his sticker price:

Decent bender from the German. Or is Simon Mignolet weak to his right?

Candidate No 3 for a spot at the podium: Alexis Sánchez, the guns a-blazing Gunner:

Apparently, Philippe Coutinho is not the dude draped in Red to work wonders from that part of the pitch.

In this match, though, the only way Liverpool was going through Arsenal defense was if the Gunners made a mistake. Always possible. Inevitable, in fact. Thus, the spot:

Pinpoint penalty, but Jordan Henderson couldn’t take time to celebrate it.

But Arsenal were relentless. Liverpool had no chance to get back in this one, especiall when the Barclays Man of the Month, Oliver Giroud, found the mark:

Arsenal aren't giving up their chase of Chelsea just yet. Noble, but they might want to talk to Don Quixote about the odds.

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