Arsenal Unleashes Hull

Published on 21-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal Unleashes Hull

Talk about a road show.

Hull City got both a big gate and a total shellacking, thanks to an Arsenal squad that's firing on all cylinders right now.

The 1-4 result was actually kind to the Tigers. The Gunners were that dominant, and they've got both the depth and the dosh to keep it up for an entire season.

At least they'll give all who pay to see them -- home or road -- full value for their time.

Alexis Sánchez has been a wonderful buy for the dudes from North London, virtually delivering on demand:

Nice redirection. The Chilean international will claim those with open arms at any time and twice on Sundays.

It didn't exactly help the locals when Jake LIvermore got shown the door. It'd cost Hull in the long run, but at the moment, with Sánchez missing from the spot, the Tigers dodged a bullet.

Theo Walcott must have invisible wings on his feet. They serve him well:

Now, this is the Arsenal everyone knows.

However, it's possible to get a little too cocky, even if José Mourinho is nowhere to be seen. This time, it resulted in a penalty that Robert Snodgrass had no problem putting it away:

They've got a bit of talent up in Yorkshire's East Riding.

But there's much more at Arsenal. Like Sánchez, who burst onto the scene again:

Right place, right time. When it happens this often, it's not luck. Dude's calmness level is pro.

The Gunners' new recruit, Granit Xhaka, showed the class that brought him to the N5:

That shot's as clean as it gets.

And those three points are a solid as it gets.