Arsenal Milks the Drama

Published on 13-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal Milks the Drama

When it was looking like a stalemate at the end, the Gunners pulled out a silver bullet.

Arsenal fired a late winner against Southampton to fill the Emirates with everlasting joy on a 2-1 result.

It's been a dicey start to the season for these perennial contenders, but it seems they're finally getting into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, Southampton's sold most of its best players, so that part of the South Coast should get used to losing.

Petr Čech has one job -- ie- guarding the goal -- but instead, dude ended up hitting an own.

Premiership players always find ways to score own goals.

The French Pillar, Lorient Koscielny got the Gunners on equal terms with this artistic equalizer:

That's easily the league's goal of the early going. It's also what Arsenal likes to believe is part of its DNA.

Then, with what would've been an impressive road point within reach, the Saints gave away a late penalty.

Santi Cazorla accepted it with open arms and a loaded instep.

What else is there to say? Strong netting.