Arsenal Men Do It for France

Published on 10-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal Men Do It for France

With Euro 2016 set to launch, let's see how the host country did in their final tune up for it last week.

France took Scotland to the woodshed -- or should we say hangar à bois -- 3-0, as Arsenal men did the trick.

Les Bleus have all the weaponry they need to win the Euro this time around. Dudes have rock-solid defense matched by a never-tiring midfield and quick-as-lightning forwards, what else does one need?

That sniper from Arsenal, Olivier Giroud, quickly got down to business:

A single strike, and the job's done.

Giroud then doubled his pleasure and doubled his fun:

Always alive to the chances, this dude.

Laurent Kocielny sealed the deal beyond all doubt, as he scored his favorite type of goal, the header:

The hosts are ready. Time to start the party.