Arsenal Kicks Its Own Anterior

Published on 5-Nov-2014 by srijan213

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Arsenal Kicks Its Own Anterior

Overconfident Arsenal are still unsure of making the Champions' League knockout stages.

Anderlecht stunned them late. Real late.

The Gunners misfired at home. Leading 3-0 at the hour mark, who would have thought the Belgian underdogs would rise up to equalize in the final 30 minutes? Well, that’s an English club for you. And granting opponents miracle comebacks isn't that unusual for Arsenal.

Remember this collapse against Newcastle when they led 4-0?

Perhaps that come-from-ahead draw still haunts the Gunners.

And now this!

Arteta, Alexis Sánchez and Alex Ox -- the Arsenal aces -- combined for a touch of assonance on the scoresheet, only to be neutralized -- quantitatively as well as phonetically -- by the Anderlecht aces, Anthony Vanden Borre and Aleksandar Mitrović.

Arsenal have a beautiful style of play, but defense is another story. It seems the artists never want to get their smocks stained.

It's an understatement to call this a draw for both teams. It was a win for the underdogs and a wasted game for the Gunners, no matter what the scoreboard says. Arsenal and Dortmund were expected to qualify from the group, but with this performance, Arsenal's advance cannot be taken for granted.

Another upset and the Gunners may have more time during the season to rest their squad. More than they or their coffers would prefer.

A downfall may be on the rise.

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