Arsenal Gets a Last-Minute Bailout Again

Published on 27-Dec-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal Gets a Last-Minute Bailout Again

The Boxing Day tradition is rooted in charity for the less fortunate.

That's almost what happened at the Emirates.

West Bromwich Albion could've used the points, too. They're sitting mid-table and have actually won a couple of road matches.

They were looking like sneaking outta town with at least one against the Gunners.

Arsenal did the Grinch thing, though, dashing all Baggie hope at the very end to win, 1-0.

So the Gunners remain where they always seem to be, while West Brom misses a shot at edging up the table and putting more padding between themselves and the drop zone:

Premiership standings

Olivier Giroud may not be the best striker Arsenal's nurtured, but he's always been there for late game winners.

Think of him as the Sergio Ramos of North London.

Dude's not called the Sniper at Arsenal for nothing. Look at that precision.

And look how comfy the club appears to be, nestled into what's becoming their traditional spot in the Premiership.

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