Arsenal Blows Up the Hornets

Published on 28-Aug-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal Blows Up the Hornets

Back in the glory days of Graham Taylor, John Barnes, et al, at Vicarage Road, Watford fans saw lots of Route 1 football.

Yesterday, they saw lots of roadkill.

More accurately, swatted Hornets.

Arsenal was firing on all cylinders as they blasted the home side, 1-3.

Well, trois points are still trois points, no matter where you find them.

Watford's best hope was for a miracle, anyway, but the Gunners brought a miracle-proof crew up the road to Hertfordshire.

On top of that, not many miracles happen when the favorite gets a shot from the spot only nine minutes after the curtain went up:

Santi Cazorla took full advantage:.

Alexis Sánchez is back in his groove, and he had no trouble doubling the lead in the 40th minute:

These days, even the machines are conspiring against underdogs.

A few years back, that probably wouldn't have been a goal.

Because referees are blind.

Mesut Özil usually assists on goal, but he capped a totally dominant first half by personally putting the boot in:

The Gunners spent the second half switching to glide.

But like every good sport, Arsenal also gave away a consolation goal so the locals had at least one reason to feel all warm and fuzzy:

Arsenal's typical defensive style finally made an appearance.

Roberto Pereyra can stick this strike on his résumé.

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