Arsenal and Swansea Stage a Premiership Goalfest

Published on 15-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Arsenal and Swansea Stage a Premiership Goalfest

After a couple weeks' break for international play, the Premiership is back with loads of goals on offer.

North London hosted five of them in a close encounter, as the Arsenal edged Swansea, 3-2.

It took 26 minutes to light up the scoreboard, which is when Theo Walcott -- the Premiership's thunderbolt -- tapped in the first one:

Walcott again became a nightmare for Swans when he tallied a similar strike to double the trouble:

One woulda thought the Swans woulda learned from their mistakes. Guess not.

And as usual, Arsenal got cocky with the lead and gave one away to Gylfi Sigurdsson:

Given or not, that’s a hard goal to score.

Also as usual, Mesut Özil made amends for the defense’s mistake:

Arsenal's deadly duo strikes again.

Borja did his bit in the 66th minute to keep things close:

But not close enough.