Argentina Goes Off on Bolivia, but in a Friendly Way

Published on 8-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Argentina Goes Off on Bolivia, but in a Friendly Way

The Copa America is ready to go, and so is Argentina.

Looks like Los Gauchos are up to the challenge, too, as they blasted Bolivia, 5-0, with none other than Serio Agüero bagging the match ball.

Argentina has always been an elite footballing nation and a gold mine for talent. Even when they're without the magical Messi, they're still in every international championship conversation.

Ángel di María may have lost his domestic form, but his international greatness has only increased:

Manchester United are in for a very different season if he continues this way.

Meanwhile, Mr Man City, Agüero, has evolved into a lethal striker and now has turned to a penalty sensei.

Dude can thread a needle.

Agüero then poached his second with his spidey senses.

Could he possibly be influenced by the Karate Kid?

Just not that Karate kid. Or that one.

By this time, Agüero was treating the Bolivians like they were the Washington Generals. His first international hat trick was always on the cards, and this made it a fait accompli:

England's Premiership is going to be so much more interesting next season if he gets this hot.

The defenders are surely going to sweat.

Argentina just toyed with their feckless opponents in the later stages, finally highlighted when di María was allowed to take a striker's role in penalty.

Luis van Gaal now has another option.

When the dude's on, he's money.