Argentina Does a Dennis Green on the USA

Published on 22-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Argentina Does a Dennis Green on the USA

After taking advantage of an electric atmosphere in Seattle, perhaps the USA felt they could rally their Copa América semi-final match in Houston around a popular slogan there:

Don't mess with Texas.


As it transpired, the correct catchphrase was:

Don't mess with Messi.


Two CONCACAF squads got to the tourney's bracket play. This drubbing, combined with Mexico's beatdown by Chile, meant the region's two standard bearers got clobbered, 11-0, when the Western Hemisphere's rubber met the road.

As to Argentina, Jürgen Klinsmann should've called in former NFL coach Dennis Green to sum up the proceedings:

Yes. Yes they were.

Argentina dabbing

Make that four, dude.

Crying Jordan Roosevelt

There's absolutely zero doubt that Argentina and Chile are the rightful contenders for the Copa América title.

It's a rematch. Should be riveting.

That means, in the lovely parting gifts portion of the program -- aka the totally useless third-place match -- the USA and Colombia will be fighting for table scraps.

Will the USA get revenge for this rematch?

Will anyone outside of relatives and gamblers care?

There's still a gulf -- besides that Gulf -- between USA Soccer and what's second only to the Catholic religion in South America.

The Yanks still have a lotta paddling to do.

And they should also stay the course, in spite of themselves.