Anfield Hex Still Haunts Champions City

Published on 2-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Anfield Hex Still Haunts Champions City

What is it about Liverpool's home ground that jinxes Manchester City?

Besides the 'Pool itself, that is.

Still, regardless of how the Reds fare from season to season, the Citizens haven't won a single game at Anfield since they became wealthier.

Whatever it is, it's still in force. Liverpool got the better of City in a thrilling 2-1 encounter.

Football's general guidebook says that a side must win every home match to eye a spot in the Champions League, no matter who the opponent. So far, so good for the Merseyside Reds. They definitely kept to the plan this time out.

Anfield's pilgrims saw their new captain blasting an absolute rocket to give the local crew a lead they so rightfully deserved:

Smells like a new Steven Gerrard is being well nurtured in the Reds' garden.

Manchester City were undaunted, though, as Edin D┼żeko scored the equalizer:

Not as eye catching, perhaps, but equally artistic like the first.

It's no mean feat to put City away, but Philippe Coutinho did just that with this spendid shot:

If the first was an Anfield rocket, then this one was an Anfield rocket v2.0, better than the first.

Looks like Coutinho has taken the sole responsibility of popping match-winners for the Reds Army.

Brazilians rarely disappoint in football, and they understand flair.