Against Barça, Call Arsenal the PopGunners

Published on 19-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Against Barça, Call Arsenal the PopGunners

Talk about a romp.

The seemingly indestructable giants from Barcelona schooled Arsenal in the niceties of a beatdown, easily taking the second leg of this Champions League pairing, 3-1, for a 5-1 aggregate.

That doesn't even begin to desribe how outclassed the Gunners were.

Possibly something that's worth 1000 words will:


Arsenal continues to misfire in the last 16, but at least this time, they went out at the feet of Barcelona.

The unstoppable Catalans continued their march to the hardware, with Brazilian sensation Neymar netting the first goal of this oh-so-predictable game.

Give any Brazilian that amount of space, and you will pay.

Unless, of course, you're that nation's tax authorities. In that case, Neymar will pay. And pay. And pay, pay, pay.

The reply from Arsenal came a bit late and definitely wasn't enough, but what a reply it was:

Mohamed El Nenny can also shoot rockets from his feet.

The vampire wannabe Luis Suárez flew like one to get Barça’s lead back:

Dude's addicted to scoring.

The MSN combo completed their scoring trilogy when the magician known as Messi added his favorite type of goal: the Lob:

Better luck next time, Arsenal.

As to Barcelona, it's on to meet a familiar foe:

Champions League quarterfinal draw

How boring is that! Still, with two other Spanish opponents in the proverbial hat, the odds were reasonable that they wouldn't leave the Iberian peninsula.

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