Zuccarello's Shootout Goal: Even the Flash Is Envious

Published on 17-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Zuccarello's Shootout Goal: Even the Flash Is Envious

The New York Rangers place a premium on speed.

It's logical, especially since size still isn't one of their strong points.

So it's no surprise they employ one of the swiftest skaters on the planet in Mats Zuccarello.

One of only two Norwegians in the NHL, it's not just Zuccarello's skate blades that are blazing. Check out the moves in this shootout goal before he puts the coup de grace on Philadelphia's Steve Mason:

That bit of quickness was what made a winner out of Henrik Lundqvist and the Blueshirts.

Shootouts have been a specialty of his throughout his career. Here's another from this season:

And one from last season:

These highlights can go back years, literally. Like five of them:

Maybe his feet decelerated, but not those hands.

Got that right.