Vegas Golden Knights Denied a Trademark

Published on 8-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Vegas Golden Knights Denied a Trademark

It's been less than a month since the Sin City hockey team got its name.

What the hell does this even mean in a Western desert: Vegas Golden Knights?

Whatever it is, the NHL's 31st team won’t be jousting around it until the 2017-2018 season.

However, Bill Foley's playtoy has already lost more than the Las in its short history:


The team’s intro presser was right outta Bizarro World.

The video that was supposed to reveal the team’s name and logo malfunctioned several times. Then, Foley was brought out to stall the less-than-anxious crowd.

How new is this dude to hockey?

Well, who in their right mind would wheel out Gary Bettman to face a horde of NHL faithful?

The perfect end for this awkward event was a shallow sea of gold streamers.

Putting it mildly, a bit of foresight woulda gone a long, long way, here.

With the expansion draft not until June, what else is there for the head Golden Knight to screw up?

Apparently, a lot.

The Vegas Golden Knights were recently denied a trademark application on the team name and logo by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

The reason for this?

St Rose Golden KnightsFor starters, the name's the same as the College of Saint Rose in New York, who also go by the nickname the Golden Knights.

Here's the catch: They've had the trademark since 2004, so it’s not like this should come as surprise to the NHL. But it seems like a small upstate college does more thorough research than a major sports league and a billion-dollar professional sports owner.

How did some of these dudes ever get to be billionaires, anyway? Who knew paying attention to detail wasn't a requirement?

Despite being shot down, Foley and the NHL brass doubled down on their Golden Knights bet. The team and the league have stated that they aren’t changing the name.

Saint Rose doesn’t have a hockey team -- as opposed to Clarkson College, who obviously have a so sue us attitude -- but that didn’t deter the Patent Office.

Turns out Foley and the NHL should probably Google a name before christening a $500million investment.

For the record, there's a six-month window to respond the Patent Office and make a case. No word where the University of Central Florida Golden Knights stand on the issue.

Good luck to the NHL in trying to get their trademark.

And here's hoping a more Las Vegas-y name -- like, say, Bandits -- does a John Scott, comes outta nowhere, and wins the day by popular acclamation.