The Shot Dude: These Guys are Due!

Published on 5-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: These Guys are Due!

So, you wake up and just know that today is the day that everything turns around.

This must happen for hockey players off to slow starts at some point in their season, too.

Put it this way: it'd better happen, or that slow start will start being called a slump. Not a good career situation.

Let's first check the Bovada data tool on our Home page to see what's on tap this evening:

NHL schedule 5 Nov 2015

I've pinpointed a crew of dudes who are incredibly due, and not the eight-month pregnant kind.

This crowd is really on the cards to score or get a win because logic dictates that statistics always even out in the NHL. Right? They've gotta find their way sooner rather than later.

I'm banking on tonight.

Feel free to make this your FanDuel lineup. I'll even include each player's price, because I'm that kind of Shot Dude!


Jakub Voráček ($7500) ... 50 shots and 0 goals yet? How can this be? Dude's scored 22 and 23 goals the last two seasons, respectively. There's no way this trend continues, and I'm aboard the thinking train that believes he gets Goal No 1 -- and maybe No 2 -- tonight.

Tyler Johnson ($7200) ... has ten teammates with more goals than him. His lone goal on 34 shots will not last unless he wants another stint in the AHL. Last season, Johnson lit the lamp 29 times, with 24 coming the year prior. Tampa Bay is on the road at Buffalo, and I think Johnson gets on the score sheet with something other than an assist.

Dustin Brown ($3800) ... has taken the most shots for the Kings (44). Too bad it hasn't translated into any goals yet. This dude slept in his own bed last night and battles visiting Columbus tonight. Tomorrow's paper just might have a 1 in the goal column if there really is a Goal Fairy out there.


Erik Karlsson ($8200) ... hasn't scored on any of the 29 shots he's launched. He's the point man for the Sens' power play and is facing a team in the Jets that give opposing teams 4.25 PPs per game. This is as good a night as any for the slick Swede to justify his salary.

Anton Stralman ($4600) ...mans the Lightning's second power play unit alongside Johnson. Why not stack these two in your lineup? Dude's another Swede with buzzard's luck -- being zipped on 21 shots so far -- but he could very well get it done against a generous Sabres defense.


Alex Stalock ($6600)... will likely start in net for San José. He's yet to win on home ice but faces an exhausted Florida Panthers team that took it on the chin in Anaheim last night. It bodes well. The Sharks have won three of their last four, so they should be in fine form in front of him.

Since we are all due to cash in sometime, I hope you do tonight with these suggestions.

As always, you cannot profit in life unless you give it your best shot!

FanDuel scorecard 5 Nov 2015

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