The Shot Dude's 'Best of ...' Edition

Published on 2-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude's 'Best of ...' Edition


Your favorite Shot Dude presents the very best play -- with FanDuel prices -- from each of the few teams playing tonight.

We'll paste, tape, and staple together these resources to help you create a winning DFS lineup.

As you can see from today's schedule -- check the Bovada data tool on our Home page -- there are just three games slated:

NHL sked 2 Nov 15

But as always, we're after quality, not quantity.


Tyler Seguin ($8600) ...The best from the Dallas Stars has been the brightest this season with 5 goals on 46 shots. Dude's assisted on 11 other goals so far with no sign of letting up. I expect a 5-3 game in Toronto and think Seguin will be a big part of the score sheet.

Nazem Kadri ($6200) .. The best from the Toronto Maple Leafs -- well, someone has to be --  been the strongest Leaf in Toronto with 42 shots in 10 games. He is often the target of the opposition's best defensive player. This explains why Kadri has only scored once and assisted on 4 goals so far. I don't expect Dallas to totally shut him out tonight, either.

Radim Vrbata ($6600)...The best from the Vancouver Canucks not named Sedin or Miller has been a fan favorite in the 'Couv, averaging 4.2 shots per contest. Vrbata resides on the Nux No 1 line as well as their top power play line from which 3 of his 5 points have been produced. I forecast a Canucks win tonight with Vrbata in the scoring mix.


Mark Streit ($4800) ...The best from the Philadelphia Flyers has been leading them in ice time, logging an average of 23½ minutes per game. Dude's netted 3 goals on 24 shots and added 4 assists to date. It'll be a tough task for Philly to leave Lotusland with a win, but Streit will have a say in the outcome.

Drew Doughty ($5900)...The best from the Los Angeles Kings has been a lion on defense as usual, averaging a breathtaking 26:36  of ice time a game. His 28 shots are second on the club, and his 7 assists lead the Kings so far this season. A win in Chicago will be hard, but Doughty might just help these West Coasters pull it off.


Corey Crawford ($9300)... The best from the Chicago Blackhawks has been a savior in for the Stanley Cup champs with 5 wins and 2 by way of shutout this season. That'll happen when a dude only allows 1.76 goals per game. Crawford's .938 save percentage ranks third among goaltenders with at least 8 starts. A 2-1 Hawks win is my prediction, with Crawford notching his sixth win.

Here's hoping you'll benefit from my best plays! Have a winning night in all your DFS contests. You'll see this squad's scorecard posted here when all is done and dusted tonight.

And as always, you can't score unless you give it your best shot!

FanDuel scorecard 2 Nov 15

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