The Shot Dude: Ridin' the Hot Hand

Published on 14-Dec-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Ridin' the Hot Hand

In almost every sport, there are players who've hot and cold scoring streaks.

Capitalizing on the hot ones, although not always easy to spot, can be quite profitable for fantasy sports players.

Your favorite Shot Dude has a Sunday 6-pack of NHL showmen who are currently on hot streaks. You can build your FanDuel lineup using my suggestions to get you started.

And who knows? Next time, it could be you partying it up at the Playboy mansion!

With a short slate of just 3 games, let's hope their sizzling play continues.


Patrick KaneChicago ($8300) ... seems to have been on a hot streak for most of the season. The 106 shots he's taken through 30 games have led to 19 goals. This could very well be his career year, as Kane has now scored at least one point in his last 25 games! Most impressively, dude's now scored a goal in six of his last seven and has posted a FanDuel score of four points or higher in seven of nine.

David BackesSt. Louis ($7400) ... has had a hot stretch the last half-dozen games with a goal in three straight and four total in that span. His 59 shots on goal have resulted in nine goals total so far. Since the FanDuel scoring system awards penalty minutes, the 16 he's earned in the last five games have also helped him register higher fantasy scores. 

Kyle OkposoNew York Islanders ($6300) ... may have just begun his tear these last two games. Dude's eight goals on 63 shots are not overwhelming, but his last game really caught my eye. Okposo had a hand in every goal scored en route to a 3-2 win over Columbus. He has now tallied two goals and two assists in the last two contests on what I hope will be just the start of a scorching string of games.


Alexander EdlerVancouver ($5300) ... has four points in as many games. Considering 17 points constitute his season total, dude's starting to shine. He has six goals on 59 shots in 29 games but really took on a more offensive persona his last game, with a goal and assist during 25 minutes of ice time in a 2-1 win over the Rangers.

Francois BeaucheminColorado ($3600) ... has perked up the last few games in what could be the start of something big. Dude's taken 47 shots on goal in 30 games but lit the lamp just three times. However, things are looking up for Beauchemin, with the goal on five shots and 2 assists he's contributed in the last two games for the Canucks. 


Corey CrawfordChicago ($9400) ... has truly enjoyed home dominance, with three straight wins at the United Center this week alone! In total, dude's stopped 91 shots on goal and only allowed two in those 180 minutes. Half of Crawford's 14 wins have come in just the last 10 games, including a shutout over Winnipeg on Friday.

Just the like the players mentioned, your favorite Shot Dude hope you go on a hot winning streak of cash in your fantasy games.

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Remember that on the ice, as in life, it's always important to give it your best shot!

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