The Shot Dude: Profit from the Penalty Box

Published on 3-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Profit from the Penalty Box

It's your old pal, the Shot Dude, with a way for you to profit from NHL teams' stupidity.

Penalties are a part of the NHL and will never go away. But some teams are penalized at an alarming rate, giving the other team more power play advantages than needed.

Today, we'll zero in on a few prime candidates for the naughty box and produce the resultant power-players who give you the greatest shot to win your DFS contests on FanDuel tonight!

There are nine games on the docket, with previews brought to you by the Bovada data tool on our Home page:

NHL schedule 3 Nov 2015

In 11 games this season, The Ottawa Senators have commited 55 minor penalties. If that sounds like too many, it is, and it leads the NHL. These dudes will rough up anything that moves, and it makes perfect sense that we will see their truly hated rival, Montréal, on the power play often tonight. Feel free to roster:

Brendan Gallagher ($5500) ... who's in my FanDuel lineup tonight. He's scored 5 goals on 40 shots taken and added 5 assists in 13 games. Gallagher's on the Canadiens No 1 power play unit and can take advantage while Ottawa's sinners are resting in the box.

PK Subban ($6600) ... is also in my FanDuel lineup. He has 12 points on 26 shots this year while racking up over 24 minutes of ice time per game. Although Subban's one of the most expensive defensemen, he's well worth it. He'll be directing the power play for Montréal and, hopefully, create a double-dip scoring boost to your lineup -- and mine -- along with Gallagher.

The Philadelphia Flyers rank sixth in the NHL with the 46 minor penalties. The Edmonton Oilers are licking their chops at this, as well as the fact that Philly played last night in Vancouver. Please take advantage of these selections:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins ($7000) ... makes my FanDuel lineup not only because he's on the Oils' top power play unit, but it's the dude's 24 shots and 3 goals plus 6 assists that convinces me of his worth. I'll wager he gets at least 3 points to go along with those three names of his tonight!

Leon Draisaitl ($3200)... wait, who? Yes, Leon's only played 2 games this year but wow! He's got 3 goals on 7 shots and 2 assists in those 2 games. He also plays on Edmonton's top power play unit with Nugent-Hopkins. Oh yeah, and did you see his price? I always pony up the value; $3200 is dirt cheap for the potential this dude brings your lineup against the penalty-prone Flyers.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are a mess at the moment. They've been whistled for 46 minor penalties in 12 games, and your favorite Shot Dude does not see this trend ending soon, even with their new coach, John Tortorella. That's good news for San José. Oh, and did I mention that Columbus played last night, too? I really like:

Brent Burns ($7000) ... no one will be paying up for both d-men, giving you a unique lineup alignment. In his almost 26 minutes of ice time per game, Burns has managed 49 shots and connected for 3 goals in 11 games. Throw in 5 assists, and this leader of the Sharks' No 1 power play unit makes opponents fearful.

Martin Jones ($7700) ... all indications are that Jones will get the start in net for the Sharks tonight. I like that he has defensemen like Burns in front of him and a road-weary Blue Jackets team to face. I really like his 1.88 GAA, .932 save percentage, and 6 wins in 9 starts this year. Jones is in line for a 'W' and possibly a shutout tonight.

I hope these trouble-making teams continue their procession to the penalty box and we cash in.

As always, you can't score if you don't give it your best shot!

FanDuel scorecard 3 Nov 15

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