The Shot Dude: Friday Leftovers - NHL

Published on 28-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Friday Leftovers - NHL

Your favorite Shot Dude has received positive feedback from readers of this feature.

I'm thankful that you appreciate the work we've done and will continue to do here.

Today's docket includes another coupling of articles. Since there are all sortsa games scheduled for both the NHL and NBA, your favorite Shot Dude will put forth a bounty of player ideas from both sports to help build your fantasy lineups. Much like Monday, I've shortened the player descriptions but covered both sports in a two-part series.

You can always check each day's entire NHL slate using the Bovada data tool on our Home page. Here's an example of what you'll see in the Matchups section:

Vancouver v Dallas

As you've come to expect, FanDuel pricing is included in my summaries for each player:


Jaime Benn, Dallas ($10,200) ... has the only five-figure salary on FanDuel but can be utilized with the value player suggestions posted here. The high salary is justified by Benn's 32 points in 22 games, 16 of which have come on the power play. Dallas is on home ice against Vancouver, whose penalty kill unit is 10th-worst in the NHL.

Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit ($6600) ... has averaged 3 shots per game in the 7 he's played since coming back from injury. Dude's scored a goal in his last two and has registered a point in 3 of his last 4 games. Detroit will entertain Edmonton, who ranks 4th-worst in the NHL in both goals allowed, with 68, and a goals against per game average of 3.09.

Jack Eichel, Buffalo ($6100) ... is a rookie leading his team in shots with 74 in 22 games. Eichel is tied for the team lead in goals, one of which was a game-winner over Edmonton. The matchup tonight looks promising, due to the power play opportunity Eichel will have against Carolina's 5th-worst (only 76%) power play killing unit.


Damon Severson, New Jersey ($3900) ... remains the Devils' point man on their top power play unit. Although not a high volume shooter, dude has 2 or more shots in 3 of his last 5 games and rarely will hurt your lineup in the plus-minus category Fanduel uses. New Jersey is on home ice against Montréal, who's playing their second road game in three days.

Michael Stone, Arizona ($3400) ... has registered 7 points and taken 43 shots so far this season. Dude runs the second power play unit for the Coyotes and gets to skate home ice tonight against Calgary. Your favorite Shot Dude loves Stone and Arizona's chances against the Flames, who rankr worst in goals allowed with 79 in 22 games; they also have the worst penalty-killing unit at a paltry 72.1%.


Mike Smith, Arizona ($7900) ... has a very inexpensive price and a great matchup to exploit. Calgary's porous defense should allow him to play with a lead tonight. Smith is streaky but has allowed only 2 goals or fewer in 4 of his last 5 games.

Here's an interesting stat: by an overwhelming margin, New Englanders are the ones who are most likely to cross over from hockey to hoops and vice versa. Don't know why, but if you're one of them -- or you feel like joining them -- check out your favorite Shot Dude's NBA installment of Friday Leftovers and warm up to some more winning!

FanDuel scorecard

As always, you cannot win unless you give it your best Shot!

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