The Shot Dude: Brass Tacks Sunday

Published on 22-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Brass Tacks Sunday

Some days your mindset and environment just do not allign to allow for creativity.

Today is one of those days for your favorite Shot Dude.

Instead of informing you of the NHL's staggered start time on a small schedule and my lost cat, I think it best to just get down to brass tacks and give you some players to build your lineups around today.

There are 4 NHL games that you can check out using the Bovada data tool on our Home page. Let's mix it up a bit today and show you what one of them looks like on the Preview page:

Islanders v Canadiens preview

For our purposes here, we'll highlight skaters from the three games that start at 5:00pm est and later. FanDuel has a game set just for these games and their prices will be included. The focus today will be using a higher percentage of salary on defense and goaltender and finding value at the forwards. 


Brendan Gallagher, Montréal ($5700) ... is second on the Canadiens with 69 shots taken in 21 games. He's scored 9 goals, added 10 assists, and is tied for the team lead with 19 total points. Gallagher seems to be everywhere on the ice, and for under $6000, you get  both a top line scorer and top power play member to insert into your lineup. The Habs are hosting the Islanders in the back end of a home-and-home that started  Friday night in New York. I expect a tighter game today, ending in a  2-0 or 2-1 score.

Henrik Sedin, Vancouver ($5500) ... is not a high volume shooter, but his production is great for this mid-level price. Dude's scored 5 goals on 31 shots and has 10 assists while averaging over 19 minutes of ice time per game. Henrik skates with his win brother Daniel on both the top scoring and power play lines for the Canucks. He has 5 power play points so far and will face his old teammate Cory Schnieder, who will be in net for the visiting New Jersey Devils. Speaking of ...

Adam Henrique, New Jersey ($4200) ... is a steal at this price for the potential scoring you'll get. Like both of our other forwards, Henrique skates on both the top scoring and power play lines and has amassed 8 goals on 42 shots with 6 helpers. He's versatile, scoring a power play goal, a game-winning goal, and 2 short-handed goals this season. This dude's a menace for opposing d-men to deal with.


Brent Burns, San José ($7300) ... leads all Sharks with 90 shots and an average of over 26 minutes of ice time per game. The next closest teammate has 28 fewer shots, and he'll cost you $1500 more to put in your lineup today. Doesn't make sense to this Shot Dude, so Burns is our man. Among his 7 goals, Burns has a short-hander, a game-winner, and 9 assists to boot. Even though San José just beat the Penguins last night, I like their chances today in Columbus.

Jack Johnson, Columbus ($4400) ... is the Blue Jackets' ice time leader by averaging almost 25 minutes per game. He's gotten off 39 shots with 2 goals and 3 assists to date. Dude gives us a clean sweep of five players listed here who all get top power play time. This tilt in Columbus has all the makings of a defensive battle, so your favorite Shot Dude forcasts a 2-1 game that could go either way.


Carey Price, Montréal ($9800) ... is just what we've been saving for. Price has won 8 of the 10 games he's started with a nice .934 save percentage and 2 shutouts. He's been unbeatable at the Bell Centre, going a perfect 4-0, allowing only 1 goal a game, and compiling a .971 save percentage in those games. Your favorite Shot Dude thinks a shutout of the Islanders is very possible today. When the match-up is this good, it's worth it the pay the big Price!

You might be waiting all day for Sunday night, but once these skaters get down to brass tax, I hope you end up with some extra coins in your pocket.

Always remember, in fantasy sports, as in life, you can't win unless you give it your best shot!‚Äč

FanDuel scorecard

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