The Mad Scramble of NHL 3-on-3 Overtime Is Here

Published on 9-Oct-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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The Mad Scramble of NHL 3-on-3 Overtime Is Here

It's become a mantra that what's cool in the world is determined by Japanese teenage girls.

To date, their greatest triumph is turning texting into a kajillion-dollar industry.

So when the NHL's poobahs decided it needed that ne ne sais quoi to spice up their end-game sideshow, it's a wonder they didn't turn to the ultimate trendsetters for a solution.

Because it's shown yet again that it's not above gimmicks as a route to that second point for a victory.

Accepting the league's premise that a draw just isn't gonna send single-game fans and viewers home satisfied, at least it's put some distance between the actual competition and the shootout sideshow.

It's enough to think that maybe there is a place for pond hockey on the big stage.

Basically, now the NHL has its shootout with more players on the ice. This is deemed as greater entertainment, sorta like a sudden shot to the nards in a Japanese game show.

Here's Tampa Bay and Philadelphia making history while providing the thrills and spills in breakaway mode:

So there it is.

The issue now is whether 3-on-3 OT is just another trend du jour like Japanese game shows and OT shootouts.