The Clips Feature Hot & Cold Running Results

Published on 8-Jan-2017 by Chips 10

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The Clips Feature Hot & Cold Running Results

The banged up Los Angeles Clippers finally stopped their six-game losing streak last Mon 3 Jan with a 109-98 home victory over Phoenix, and all of a sudden, they can't lose.

That Suns game was their first win since both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul were injured.

JJ Redick stepped up with 22 points, while ageless Jamal Crawford chipped in with 18.

As often as Paul and Griffin are hurt, maybe the Clips have gotten acclimated to their absences.

Since then, the Clippers have reeled off three more triumphs, with Paul back in action when they topped Sac-Town this past Fri 6 Jan.

Both hurt dudes will have a year to go on their $20million-plus contracts after next year. As well, DeAndre Jordan's $20-some-million deal along with Crawford's expire the following year. So where does this franchise go?

With Golden State and San Antonio in the same conference, the Clips seem destined to be in the fourth or fifth playoff position for the near future.

Los Angeles did jump out to a 14-2 and 22-8 start this season but now find themselves -- where else? -- fifth overall in the West  behind the Dubs, Spurs, Rockets, and now, even the Jazz.

If the Clippers don't watch out, Memphis and Oklahoma City are lurking right behind them, so it's imperative that Paul gets back in the lineup since Griffin will still be out a while.

The other big question is what Doc Rivers does if nothing changes.

Dude's been glue for this team and is being paid a ton of money to do so. Yet, many thought he'd lead the Clips to at least their first conference final, but it hasn't happened.

Rivers is signed through the 2019 season, but he bolted Boston when they went into rebuild mode. Even with his son on the team, it's doubtful he'd not want to rebuild in Los Angeles.

If healthy, the Clippers seem capable of upsetting the Warriors or Spurs in a second round matchup. Many thought it'd happen last season, but they lost a 3-1 series lead to Houston in the first round and went home early.

Los Angeles has four more opponents to go in their current five-game home stand: the Magic, Lakers, Thunder, and Wolves. Given their roster situation right now, how they navigate it -- hot or cold -- could be an early indication of how they're gonna to deal with the near future.