Puckheads: Give Me A Shot

Published on 27-Oct-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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Puckheads: Give Me A Shot

Like many other sports, the NHL is game of opportunities.

The time a player spends on the ice and the number of shots he takes both factor into his success.

I've always been someone who appreciates how many shots a player takes during a game. In fact, I'm the self-proclaimed Shot Dude. I know one's not supposed to give himself a nickname but this really fits, so I'm going with it.

My plan is to help you make solid, information-based daily fantasy player picks to put in your lineup according to the number and quality of shots each player takes. 

Of course, simply building your DFS lineup with the players listed below will not guarantee you will win. Instead, use these plays as suggestions to start what I hope is a winning lineup for you.

Remember, you cannot score goals without shots!

Want proof?

Here's a sampling of my picks from games played on Fri-Sat 23-24 Oct. The results are in green print:


Max Pacioretty has taken 34 shots in 8 games so far this season. He's taken more shots than anyone else playing tonight. All these shots have produced success. He's scored 6 goals and is averaging over a point per game. Pacioretty is on home ice and faces a 1 win Toronto team. Canadiens 7 Sabres 2 ... Pacioretty: 3 Shots 1 Goal 1 Assist

Vladimir Tarasenko has played one game less than Pacioretty but has the same amount of points. He has 5 goals and 4 assists and has taken just 32 shots. Tarasenko averages more shifts and more ice time per game than Pacioretty. I think he makes a great play tonight at home versus an Islanders team playing on back-to-back nights. Islanders 3 Blues 2 OT ... Tarasenko: 4 Shots

Daniel Sedin has been less productive than Tarasenko but still has fired 32 shots in 7 games. I like Sedin's match-up the best out of anyone I'll mention here. Detroit has lost the last two games started by Petr Mrazek and the Red Wings are being out-shot on a regular basis. Red Wings 3 Canucks 2 ... Sedin: 4 Shots

Radim Vrbata was recently promoted to Vancouver's top line and will benefit from the same great match-up tonight as Sedin. Vrbata still has taken 30 shots through 7 games, and is now playing with better talent around him on every shift. Stacking these linemates tonight could prove to be a very profitable strategy. Red Wings 3 Canucks 2 ... Vrbata: 2 Shots


Brent Burns can be depended upon for high shot production -- even though he plays in the back end -- as shown by his 33 shots through 7 games this season. These shots have only produced 3 points so far, but I expect that will change. Burns will play a home game tonight against Carolina and has a great chance to increase his goal and/or assist total. Sharks 5 Hurricanes 2 ... Burns: 2 Shots

Justin Faulk is averaging 4 shots per game. Even though he will be playing on the road against Burns and the Sharks, I think his shooting trend will continue.There might be 5 goals scored between these two teams and Faulk could end up with 1 on 3-4 shots taken. Sharks 5 Hurricanes 2 ... Faulk: 5 Shots 1 Goal

No hype there. The Shot Dude is here to help your lineup building. Stay tuned.