Pens Kid Obeys The Kid; Scores Game Winner in OT

Published on 2-Jun-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Pens Kid Obeys The Kid; Scores Game Winner in OT

If one word describes the difference between the Pittsburgh Penguins and San José Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals' first two games, it's this:


The Chompsters have speed like the Pens have speed. Their proclivity in that department was a key factor why they're here instead of the St Louis Blues. They'll no doubt have success with it before the ice chips melt.

But damn! Pittsburgh's got skaters who go from Zero to Warp 8 in a blur.

Conor Sheary looks like Carl Hagelin v2.0.

They're both about the size of a jetpack and revel in open ice. The Sharks can ill afford to lose sight of them.

Which makes it all the more mystifying how San José could have missed him at the moment of truth in overtime.

The rook's having a decent spring: Nine points in 19 games to date.

It doesn't hurt that Sheary's skating on Sidney Crosby's line. Dude's wise, too. He listens to the Kid.

Not against San José's defense, he doesn't.

The Shark Tank awaits, where there will be even more of a premium on acceleration.