Nux Netminder Reunion Series Update: Luongo 3 Schneider 0

Published on 15-Mar-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Nux Netminder Reunion Series Update: Luongo 3 Schneider 0

Vancouver's goalie depth was on display again in Sunrise, Florida last night.

All that was missing were the rest of the Canucks.

And no, this wasn't a case of the Canucks not being there like they weren't there in the third period against the Islanders. That was amazing in the way that multi-vehicle pile-ups are amazing. The Nux looked so much like an NHL team for two periods, too.

Vancouver fans don't even know who to boo anymore. It's no wonder they're so disoriented:

With this frame of reference, it's not as much of a shock that Vancouver's best goalies in recent memory are in Devils and Panthers sweaters right now.

Depth in net was a factor in the Canucks carrying home the Presidents' Trophy in 2011 and 2012. But that wasn't the Stanley Cup, so after falling short in those two seasons, Mike Gillis -- masquerading as the club's GM -- decided it was time to over-analyze the situation and tinker like a blacksmith. In so doing, he broke up the best comedy act to come out of the Great White North since, well, Will Ferrell and Loverboy:

All of which takes us back to Surprise last night, when Luongo made it 3-for-3 against Schneider in Florida's 5-3 victory over New Jersey in a game the Devils truly needed. This didn't add any insight as to who should have remained in Vancouver; no one game is ever going to do that. But for all of Eddie Läck's perceived potential, one of them should have.

There was one final Canuck irony present. It was the last bobblehead promotion of the Panthers' season, and the featured figurine was their general manager, Dale Tallon.

He was Vancouver's first-ever draft choice.