NHL All-Star Game: 4 Teams, 3-on-3; Winners Split a Cool $1Mil

Published on 18-Nov-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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NHL All-Star Game: 4 Teams, 3-on-3; Winners Split a Cool $1Mil

Whoever is running the NHL's Big Ideas Department isn't being paid enough.

OK, the Draft-an-All-Star idea sucked, but it did lead to a major upgrade in league's mid-winter Meaningless Game.

Because with a $1million winner-take-all purse, it's not so meaningless anymore.

And it's gonna be in a format that doesn't need what All-Star games don't have, because you just don't want to hit a dude in glasses ...

Ever ...

Introducing the format for the 2016 All-Star Game:

NHL All-Star Game 2016 format

So the powers-that-be have bought into shinny, big-time.

As well they should. It was excruciating watching the last players chosen the past couple of years -- new car or no -- and the NHLPA made a point of getting it ditched. It's bloody embarrassing to all involved to have any All-Star picked last.

And this year's 3-on-3 overtimes have been a hit of another kind:

Really, baseball is the only straight-up All-Star game format that features any modicum of the reason players were voted to attend.

The NHL seems to be the first of the other major sports to figure that out. And putting $1million (around $91,000 each) vis-à-vis lovely parting gifts should be enough to get the participants' attention.