More Fight Fallout: Tropp's Jaw Is Broken; Out for 5-6 Weeks

Published on 25-Sep-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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More Fight Fallout: Tropp's Jaw Is Broken; Out for 5-6 Weeks

The hits just keep on coming for Corey Tropp.

The Sabre winger, trying to re-claim a place as a grinder after losing most of the last two seasons to injury, is injured again.

Doctors confirmed Tropp suffered a broken jaw in his set-to with Toronto's Jamie Devane in a bout that ingnited the line brawl that, amidst the fallout, resulted in a three-game suspension for amateur lumberjack Phil Kessel.

Tropp's out for 5-6 weeks.

Current speculation is that amateur medical evaluator and professional hockey coach Ron Rolston quickly ascertained the extent of damage to Tropp's face and tapped enforcer John Scott on the shoulder.

The Michigan native suffered a major concussion two seasons ago, and then was shelved for the majority of last season with a knee injury.

Coincidentally, the teammate he was trying to avenge -- Marcus Foligno, son of former Sabre star Mike -- is also out for an undetermined spell. Foligno was checked hard into the boards by Devane and fell awkwardly, clearly shaken. Tropp rushed to engage Devane for the hit and probably should have taken a more objective assessment of the mismatch he was about to undertake.

The burly Leaf winger dropped him like a two-foot putt.

The aftermath is now well documented.

And for Corey Tropp, it includes a well-travelled route.