Miracle on Ice Memories Will Never Melt Away

Published on 22-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Miracle on Ice Memories Will Never Melt Away

Simply put, it was one of two greatest sporting achievements in human history.

If the 1980 juggernaut that was Soviet hockey team played the 1980 American collection of college kids 98 more times, their record most likely would've been 99-1.

But they didn't.

20 years earlier, in the other historical sporting moment, the USA shocked the hockey world at Squaw Valley, becoming the only team before or after to beat both the Russians and Canadians in the same Olympics.

In Lake Placid, the media had caught up with moment. Unbeknownst, of course, to the media.

Other recollections aren't so fond. Far from it. One former Soviet said only three horror movies from the USA terrified him, and one was Miracle on Ice.