McDavid Flashes More Magic Moves

Published on 22-Oct-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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McDavid Flashes More Magic Moves

Surely, the Oil have turned the proverbial corner.

With last spring's first overall draft pick already with the big club and delivering the goods, it'd be hard to assume otherwise.

One phenom does not a contender make, but as one of four, Connor McDavid has improved the odds.

Dude's got another believer in Detroit goalie Petr Mrazek:

It was enough to make a legendary stickhandler take note:

Jagr tweet re McDavid

Best yet for the Edmonton cause, the Oilers won, 3-1, handing Detroit a third straight loss in the process while picking up their third straight victory. That puts them at 3-4-0 out of the gate, good for a way-too-early fourth place position in the vicious Pacific Division.

By March, that level will likely be a wistful memory, but with McDavid's contributions sparking the potential in the other three first overalls on the club, it's doubtful Oiler fans will be tossing any sweaters on the ice in disgust this season.