LuTube: Canucks' Prodigal Goalie Needs a 'One More Year' Video

Published on 2-Sep-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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LuTube: Canucks' Prodigal Goalie Needs a 'One More Year' Video

Friday's news that NHL great and golfing prodigy, Teemu Selanne, was coming back for one more year delighted hockey lovers and greenskeepers worldwide.

And the ribald manner of his decision's communication should be noted by another player returning for a tilt that was for so long in limbo:

Roberto Luongo.

A video poking fun at the tradeless fiasco that ensued over the Vancouver Canucks' summer could be just the ticket to get Lu back on the reign train. Without question, his standing in Nuck Nation -- built up last season to zen levels through the "transformation" afforded by his Twitter mastery and an admirable grin-and-bear-it approach to backing up Cory Schneider -- has nose-dived due to an off-season act some saw fit to label "diva". A little LuTube laugher could go a long way in tipping the scales away from reviled and back towards revered.    

But what could the video be?

For our money, a re-hash of the iconic 'Office Space' printer beatdown scene would more than adequately suffice. Luongo, Canucks' GM Mike Gillis and Canucks' owner Francesco Aquilini dump the goalie's contract in a remote field and proceed to stomp, kick and bat-bludgeon the 12-year, $64million deal with everything they have. The contract, though, proves indestructible and the trio, all wearing 'Florida: Stay Awhile!' t-shirts, have no choice but to pick the document up and carry it together towards the setting sun.

Come to think of it, a bobblehead on opening night might be better.