Luongo Returns to Vancouver in Triumph, and Then Triumphs

Published on 9-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Luongo Returns to Vancouver in Triumph, and Then Triumphs

It would be easy to say that the prodigal son returned, but this is the Canucks.

That outfit doesn't have a prodigal son.

And it goes without saying that it doesn't have a Stanley Cup, either.

This creates manic depression in Nux Nation. Take 2011, for instance.

The irony of Canuckdom is in being so committed to the latter that no player is allowed to develop into the former. Trevor Linden -- aka Captain Canuck -- came close, as have Pavel Buré and Markus Näslund. The Sédin twins still have a shot at iconic status, but like the others here, they're not game-in and game-out game changers.

Roberto Luongo is. Canucks fans saw his rare blend of elite talent and fortitude and clearly felt he could have done more to bring the ultimate silverware to Lotusland. The pressure eventually chased him out of town, to downtroddern Florida.

Last night, two things came to mind:

  1. On the ice, at least, thanks to Luongo, Florida isn't downtrodden anymore; and
  2. As in the Joni Mitchell song, Nux fans didn't know what they'd got 'til it was gone.

Luongo standing ovation tweet

Luongo tribute

It's mind-boggling to think Ryan Miller would be on notice, but most likely, now Ryan Miller is on notice.

That's just the way it is in the Coov. Too.