List of World's Worst Sports Owners Takes Another Hit

Published on 19-Aug-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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List of World's Worst Sports Owners Takes Another Hit

All of a sudden, they're dropping like flies.

Or, more accurately, like the flies they are.

First, Donald Sterling falls into a steaming pile of his own creation. Now, it appears -- appears, as no evidence of a written agreement has been made public -- that Charles Wang, the scourge of NHL governors, is leaving his for others to clean up.

But at least he's leaving.

Sounds good, and hockey fans can only hope Wang means it this time.

Wang sued

The New York Daily News was quick to note that this announcement came on the heels of Sterling's legal escapades. However, it's just as interesting that the current agreement with former Washington Capitals minority owner Jon Ledecky and London bud Scott Malkin followed in just over a week.

In the time Wang has given himself to yacht into the sunset, questions linger over how much damage he can still do to the Islanders.

Dude's got game. It just isn't hockey. Or scruples.