Kronwall's Hits and Skills Carry the Red Wings Again

Published on 28-Nov-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Kronwall's Hits and Skills Carry the Red Wings Again

So now they're calling it getting Kronwall'd ...

And for good reason.

Niklas Kronwall delivers one of the most ferocious checks in the NHL.

Add the Oil's Mark Letestu to the list of believers:

The late codger and Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard used to claim that if a Swede went into the corner with a dozen eggs, he'd emerge with none of them broken. Maybe not.

Detroit's Swedish connection brought Thomas Holmström to the Red Wings, and the dude newspapers in his homeland called the Demolition Man made a career out of living in contact. But Kronwall has turned it up to 11:

Quite the different style from Detroit's legendary No 5, Niklas Lidström.

It's no coincidence Kronwall wears No 55, and he's not only doubled up his mentor's sweater number, he's a dual threat on the ice thanks to his offensive prowess, as the Oilers discovered again during overtime:

That goal gave the Wings a six-game point streak -- 4-0-2 -- keeping them in the middle of the pack in the rugged Atlantic Division. It's only fitting for Kronwall, because he's usually in tthe middle of everything Detroit does.


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