Joust the Ticket: NHL Sees Opportunity in Fan's Chain Mail Jersey

Published on 10-Nov-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Joust the Ticket: NHL Sees Opportunity in Fan's Chain Mail Jersey

Sharks fan and refugee from The Wall, Nik Rode, has gained plenty of Twitterverse plaudits for his incredible chain mail hockey sweater.

It appears the NHL brass is now taking notice, too.

"Ye verily, we believe this young man is on to something," said an NHL spokesman, sipping from his goblet and sheathing a sword engraved with the title 'Shanny'. "It doth present us with fine medieval possibilities."

"Mayhap this could also solve our dilemma with fighting and concussion."

Umm, how so?

"Methinks our tough men could joust instead of baring thy knuckles. Each could mount a Zamboni steed and attempt to unseat thy opponent. Perchance, the peasants would rejoice at the sight!"

"Or in locales such as Florida and Tampa Bay and Phoenix -- where both peasants and Zambonis are rare -- thy combatants could be satisfied simply using their sticks in mock swordplay.

"Indeed, Master Phil Kessel hath already shown the way with his recent fine tournament showing."

Wouldn't intermittent jousting and swordplay make an NHL game rather, err ... not like hockey?

"Damn your eyes, man! Dost thou not want to see the game evolve? Is thoust blind to the need for a more beautious and chivalrous spectacle?"

No timeline is yet available regarding these changes. In the meantime, Nik Rode better sleep wearing that protective chain mail jersey, lest he be held responsible for a new NHL 'Dark Ages'.