Johnny Hockey? Please; Johnny Highlight? Looking So

Published on 2-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Johnny Hockey? Please; Johnny Highlight? Looking So

Calgary is accustomed to long, cold winters.

So are the Flames.

There's no reason to expect them to be more than schedule filler in 2014-2015, just as they have been in recent seasons. Their best marketing cry is that they're less bad than a few other clubs. Of course, the sales-speak term for that is rebuilding. It's become an annual mantra.

Still, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then, even in acorn-challenged Alberta. The Flames have hopes for prospects like Sean Monahan, but for fan attraction, at least, they've found sizzle in 5-9, 165lb winger Johnny Gaudreau.

Dude has hands to go with his wheels:


Not to mention being a danglemeister:


These two came in last season's NHL Young Stars tourney:



More than his share of those chances will find twine as his pro career grows, just as it did when he capped his college experience by sealing the national championship for Boston College in 2012:

Calgary now has one less roster spot to rebuild.