John Scott Is Living the All-Star Dream

Published on 31-Jan-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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John Scott Is Living the All-Star Dream

Maybe this thing started as a joke gone viral, but who cares?

Career enforcer John Scott has morphed from villain to Everyman.

And despite belated spinning to the contrary that nobody believes, dude wasn't gonna miss an event that, for him, is the chance of a lifetime.

It's also fitting to see the crowd -- by inference, representing the legions of voters who put him there -- giving his introduction a standing ovation and loud support during the skills competition:

Interesting kit, too.

The league wouldn't let him wear the St John's IceCap uniform he's sporting these days, so he went with the All-Star jersey itself. They probably won't dent the merchandising radar, but it's cool to confirm Scott's comment that his All-Star T-shirt is completely sold out.

Now that the warm-&-fuzzy part of the weekend is in the books, Pacific Division captain Scott must get his mind set for an afternoon of high-end pond hockey.

Odds may well be his team will be the most inspired, because they'll all know his share of the $1million winners' prize will mean more to him than the rest of the All-Stars combined.

It'd go a lot further in Newfoundland than it would in any NHL outpost.