John Scott Calls It a Career

Published on 7-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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John Scott Calls It a Career

Talk about going out in a blaze of glory.

If only that was when the glory came and went.

But like most athletes, John Scott had a hard time accepting what was glaringly obvious to everyone else.

After looking around his team's minor-league bus and seeing nothing but peachfuzz, dude finally hung up his skates.

About that 'Zona hype ...

Dude did show he was a fighter who always knew the situation:

It's safe to say Scott -- at 6-8 and 260lb -- made an impression on the league in his own particular way.

Take his heyday, for example:

No one can deny that dude didn't put everything had into his role.

And that's why fans showed their appreciation when looking for a way to protest the farce that is an All-Star game ... in any sport.

Needless to say, Scott rose to the occasion in one of the most ironic performances in sporting history:

A veritable thorn among the roses.

It was an electric evening that'll never happen again. The NHL made certain of that:

So it was that John Scott transformed from a villain turned Everyman.

Dude had his time, like no other.

And this was the right time for him to go.