It Was One of Those Nights for the NHL's Big Guns

Published on 11-Nov-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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It Was One of Those Nights for the NHL's Big Guns

For 82 nights each season, it's not just another day at the office.

Nothing can be taken for granted.

Especially after a rock 'em, sock 'em game goes into overtime. It's tough enough just getting there, battling for what could be a crucial point in the standings come springtime.

So, how does Anaheim's Ryan Getzlaf do this?

Obviously, Corey Perry zigged when Getzlaf thought he was gonna zag.

Those two offensive stalwarts have been together long enough that they can probably finish each other's sentences before they even start them. But not this time.

Adding insult to injury, what the Ducks have got is another bummer in what's been a surprisingly big batch of them. And it's not doing them any favors:

NHL Pacific standings

Meanwhile, up in the Motor City, no one can say Alexander Ovechkin wasn't firing on all cylinders. He was just stuck in neutral:

Ovie's shot count

Final score: Red Wings 1 Capitals 0.

At least, anyone who took Ovechkin in their FanDuel roster didn't come away as empty-handed.