It's Nice to See Ice: NHL Ready to Skate

Published on 29-Sep-2013 by Chips 10

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It's Nice to See Ice: NHL Ready to Skate

Right smack in the middle of college football season, with the NFL getting into full swing and the baseball playoffs starting, here comes the NHL and hockey in October.

The season opens Tue 1 Oct with the league's best rivalry when Montréal hosts Toronto, the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks raise their banner before playing Washington, and Winnipeg travels to Edmonton.

The big news this season is the NHL's new alignment. Detroit and Columbus have moved to the Eastern Conference, which now has 16 teams, and Winnipeg has finally moved into the Western Conferece, which has 14 teams.

These are the new Eastern Conference divisions:

Atlantic   Metropolitan
Boston Bruins Montréal Canadiens x Caroline Hurricanes New York Rangers
Buffalo Sabres Ottawa Senators   Columbus Blue Jackets Philadelphia Flyers
Detroit Red Wings Tampa Bay Lightning   New Jersey Devils Pittsburgh Penguins
Florida Panthers Toronto Maple Leafs   New York Islanders Washington Capitals

And here's the new line-up in the Western Conference:

Central   Pacific
Colorado Avalanche Nashville Predators x Anaheim Ducks xxxxx Phoenix Coyotes xxxxxxxx
Chicago Blackhawks St Louis Blues   Calgary Flames San José Sharks
Dallas Stars Winnipeg Jets   Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild     Los Angeles Kings  

The top three teams in each division make the playoffs, accompanied by the two in each conference with the best record. Even though the East has two more teams, this had to be done as Winnipeg could no longer play in the Eastern time zone.

Of course, this alignment will keep expansion speculation front and center, and the league office is perfectly fine with it.

With 16 teams making the playoffs and teams like the Kings coming from the eighth seed to win the championship in 2012, there is no way to predict who is the actual Cup favorite. However, Bovada likes the Blackhawks (6:1) to meet the Penguins (15:2). Teams like the Canadiens (28:1), Red Wings (16:1), Blues (14:1), and Sharks (18:1) could be right in the mix, while teams like the Islanders (33:1), Blue Jackets (40:1), Stars (40:1), and Oilers (20:1) are rising from the ashes and ready to make a run to the playoffs in 2014.

Many think this is the Year of the Canuck (16:1), and maybe it is, but the Bruins (10:1) are as dangerous as ever.

No matter how the season unfolds, it's going to be a season. A full season. And that is the best bet of all.