It's Brawl Good: John Tortorella Enjoying Time as Charlestown Chiefs Coach

Published on 19-Jan-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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It's Brawl Good: John Tortorella Enjoying Time as Charlestown Chiefs Coach

Following Saturday night's game-opening apocalypse against the Calgary Flames and John Tortorella's subsequent olive branch in the bowels of Rogers Arena, The Daily Player took a few minutes to sit down with the fiery bench boss and chin-wag about the season to date:

DP: How are you liking your time so far as coach of this squad?

JT: Loving it. I love they way my team answers the bell. We're ensuring the Charlestown Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with.

DP: You mean the Vancouver Canucks.

JT: A force to be reckoned with.

DP: Okaaay ... you haven't been much of a force on the scoreboard. Goal scoring has been a problem. You'd lost nine straight prior to last night's shootout victory.

JT: Wins are overrated in my book. Making statements, sending messages, drawing a line in the sand...That's why I confronted those dicks from the Syracuse Bulldogs in the hallway. That's what it's all about.

DP: You mean the Calgary Flames.

JT: Are you correcting me again? You guys in the f*cking media. I'd beat all of you down if management would just give me the green light.

DP: What do you think will come of your actions Saturday? Do you think you'll be fined? Suspended, even?

JT: It would be complete bullsh*t if any of that happened. I'm Paul Newman, for Christ sake! You can't suspend Paul f*cking Newman!

DP: You mean ...

JT: Finish that sentence, as*hole ... I dare you.

DP: Thank you for your time, Mr Newman.

JT: F*ck you. Somebody get my agent on the phone!